2 - 4 players ~ 20 - 30 minutes ~ Ages 10 +
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Made in the U.S.A., using recycled paper and biodegradable inks. The plastic tile material is recyclable.
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Greg Schloesser, on BoardGameNews.com, said: "Easily accessible... challenging and appealing."
GAMES Magazine selected Geominos as one of its TOP 100 GAMES for 2009 in its year-end holiday issue! Geominos was a nominee for Best Family Game.
Geominos won a MAJOR FUN AWARD, which goes to games that bring people fun. Here's what they said in their review: "A game that could be completely explained with so few rules demonstrates what the Major FUN seal is all about: clarity, elegance, simplicity."
Game Play
- Place your Geominos tiles next to tiles already on the board, matching pips (spots) to pips, as in dominos.
- You're assessed points for any pips that are on a light-colored square of the board.
- The game ends when all tiles have been placed on the board.
- The player with the fewest points wins the game.
Game Contents
Game board
21 game tiles
21 playing cards
Two one-minute timers
Score sheets
Storage bag
Last updated: 12/14//2014
Be sure to visit the Info tab, where you'll find an animated demo of the game, as well as the rules, the tiles, and the board.